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Art Advisory

Sojourner Gallery has been actively involved in the visual arts field over the past three years and has grown tremendously. Now, we have established an art consulting and design project, with an excellent advisory committee and support from our rich resources in art.

We are providing comprehensive and strategic services for commercial and private clients for building a comprehensive art collection system. Simultaneously, cooperating closely with interior designers in creating the perfect harmony between interior space and artworks, and achieving an appreciation of clients' artistic assets, and improving their brand reputation.


Environmental Art Designs

Our services are comprehensive, including art and interior layout designs, indoor and outdoor art environmental designs, exhibition design, art advisory, artistic installations, and other comprehensive services.

All design plans and artistic collections focus on the relationship between the artistic environment and space. Our main goal is to increase the value of clients' artistic assets and improve their brand reputation.


Plans for Acquiring and Building Artistic Collections


Assisting clients in strategic assessments of their collections and providing advisory on how to plan their future collections.  

Our team members have substantial knowledge and experience with both the art market and art collections. We will be helping customers develop a personal, strategic improvement plan for their collections. These strategies include identifying and researching sources for artwork purchases and budget planning.

Advisory Board

Members of the Sojourner Gallery Advisory Board all have strong professional backgrounds in the art field, including outstanding art historians, architects, interior and exterior designers, curators, auction houses, collectors, and artists.

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