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Time Arts has been actively involved in the visual arts field over the past three years and has grown tremendously. Now, we have established an art consulting and design project, with an excellent advisory committee and support from our rich resources in art.

We are providing comprehensive and strategic services for commercial and private clients for building a comprehensive art collection system. Simultaneously, cooperating closely with interior designers in creating the perfect harmony between interior space and artworks, and achieving an appreciation of clients' artistic assets and improving their brand reputation.



Time Arts在过去的3年里积极的参与艺术领域的发展,并得到快速成长。现在我们带着丰厚的艺术品资源与我们的顾问委员会成员一起成立了艺术咨询和设计的项目。


Environmental Art Designs
Our services are comprehensive, including art and interior layout designs, indoor and outdoor art environmental designs, exhibition design, art advisory, artistic installations, and other comprehensive services.

All design plans and artistic collections focus on the relationship between the artistic environment and space. Our main goal is to increase the value of clients' artistic assets and improve their brand reputation.


Plans for acquiring and building of artistic collections
Assisting clients in strategic assessments of their collections and providing advisory on how to plan their future collections.  

Our team members have substantial knowledge and experience with both the art market and art collections. We will be helping customers develop a personal, strategic improvement plan for their collections. These strategies include identifying and researching sources for artwork purchases and budget planning.







Advisory Board

Members of the Time Arts Advisory Board all have strong professional backgrounds in the art field, including outstanding art historians, architects, interior and exterior designers, curators, auction houses, collectors, and artists.


Time Arts顾问委员会的成员均具强大的艺术领域专业背景,囊括了艺术史、建筑设计师、室内外空间设计师、策展人、拍卖行、收藏家、杰出的艺术家等各个细分专业的杰出代表。



Time Arts acquired Artbean Inc in 2019 to enrich our comprehensive art advisory services and implementation capabilities.  Time Arts had obtained more than 10,000 works of art from more than 800 outstanding contemporary artists.

​藏 品

目前Time Arts持有和代理的艺术藏品超过15,000之多。包括现当代艺术品,古典大师作品,雕塑及各类别的古董艺术藏品。


We work with more than 500 outstanding contemporary artists to create unique artworks for the world to experience.

扩 张

为了丰富我们艺术咨询综合服务和实施的能力,Time Arts 于2019年收购Artbean Inc,在接收其主营业务的同时,吸收了超过800多位杰出当代艺术家的10,000多件艺术藏品。


Time Arts currently owns and represents more than 15,000 artworks. Our collection includes contemporary art, old masters, sculptures, and various kinds of antiques.

艺 术 家

500+ 当代杰出艺术家与我们紧密合作可为全球项目创作独一无二的作品。

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