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Group Exhibition:

Opening Reception:

August 4, 2023, 6 - 9 pm


Exhibition on view:
August 4 - 20, 2023


Sojourner Gallery

446 W 34th Street 4th Floor
New York, NY 10001

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Sojourner Gallery proudly presents the first exhibition of the Sojourner Alpha program— "Omega To Alpha". This program is more than just a showcase—it’s our beacon for the future of art. As an incubator, we celebrate and nurture young, emerging talents, providing them a platform that not only presents their present achievements but also fuels their future aspirations. Our investment in these emerging talents is profound, reflecting our belief that they hold the key to a vibrant and diverse artistic future. Through the Sojourner Alpha program, we are not just predicting this future, we are actively building it.


The concept of the exhibition is drawn from the Greek alphabet, where Omega signifies the end and Alpha the commencement. The exhibition crafts a narrative arc that encapsulates both a reverential homage to the artistic past and an anticipation of future creative innovation. This thematic exploration does not merely dwell in nostalgia, but also forges ahead, marking the advent of a new epoch in artistic discourse.


The curatorship of Chunchun Tao infuses depth and dimension into this expansive vision, realized with aesthetic finesse under the art direction of Zona Yuechen Guan. We are honored to highlight a galaxy of artistic stars, including Chen Jia, Lifu Hu, Timmy Liang, Yiting Liu, Hanlin Mu, Jiaqing Xu, and Kun Yu.


The exhibit's theme eloquently articulates a non-linear philosophy of artistic creation, suggesting that the process of artistry is cyclical, not unidirectional. The end of one creative journey, symbolized by the completed artwork, is not a terminal point; rather, it serves as the genesis of the next creative iteration. This dialectic approach fosters a deeper understanding of an artwork’s genesis, tracing the creative process back from the finished piece to the seed of its initial inspiration.


Moreover, this theme transcends art to allude to life's continuous cycle of endings and new beginnings. We invite the audience to interpret each conclusion as a fresh start. Omega to Alpha delivers a philosophy of continual self-growth and intellectual exploration. This perspective resonates with the evolving nature of art, underlining the role of reflection in our ongoing journey of development.


Curator: Chunchun Tao 

Producer: Zona Yuechen Guan 

Featured Artists:

Jia Chen / Lifu Hu / Timmy Liang / Yiting Liu / Hanlin Mu / Jiaqing Xu / Kun Yu

Photographer: Guang Chen

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