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Interactive Exhibition:

Opening Reception:

July 23, 2023, 6:30 - 9 pm


Exhibition on view:
July 23 - 31, 2023


Sojourner Gallery

178 Bleecker Street 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10012

July 28, 6:30 - 9 pm, ​Special Event RSVP HERE

General Admission DONATION HERE
or by appointment via


Sojourner Gallery is pleased to announce our latest interactive exhibition – Attention! Please Scan! This exhibition deviates from convention, this exhibition transcends the passive observation of physical artworks commonly found in traditional galleries. Instead, it actively prompts and encourages increased communication and engagement among its audiences. Viewers are prompted to scan the QR codes with their mobile devices, which then reveal the digital representation of the artwork. This shift from physical presence to digital representation subverts the traditional gallery experience by incorporating a layer of virtual and interactive engagement. Each artwork explores the prevailing societal issues that resonate deeply within our shared awareness, encompassing the intricate interplay between technology and human existence, the nuanced exploration of femininity and the complexities of identity crises, as well as the intangible cultural heritage and timeless traditions. This exhibition aspires to propel the art space into fulfilling its utmost social role, serving as a catalyst for critical discourse and thought-provoking dialogue.


Curator: Zhiheng Ashely Zhang 

Featured Artists: Ana Anu, Amy Alexander, Dina Bodner, Zhanyi Chen, Duoduo Huang, Laura Ibanez, Kumi Kaguraoka, Seongeun Lee, La Casa de Las Recogidas, Srishti Srivastava, Yuxiang Steven Wang, Zhuo Yao  

Producer: Zona Yuechen Guan 

Exhibition Executive: Chunchun Tao 
Curatorial Assistants: Suchen Wand, He <nou

About Curator:
Zhiheng Ashely Zhang is a curator and art history researcher based in New York and Beijing. Her research interests include socially engaged art, curatorial studies from the 1970s, as well as intersections between art, technology, and science. She holds Master's degrees from New York University and the University of Barcelona, alongside a Bachelor's degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. She is now working independently in NYC as a curator for various art organizations, including Sojourner and Accent Sisters. She served as the executive curator for one of the earliest NFT exhibitions, held at Beijing UCCA and Shanghai Jinghua Art in April 2021. Her curatorial practices always tend to maximize the impact of visual elements, resulting in meticulously curated exhibitions that appeal to a diverse range of audiences. 

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