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Pop-up Exhibition: BEFORE SUNSET

Opening Reception:

July 7, 2023, 6 - 9:30 pm


Exhibition on view:
July 7 - 9, 2023


Sojourner Gallery

178 Bleecker Street 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10012

Walk In or by appointment via

Before Sunset Poster.jpg

Sojourner Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of its new pop-up exhibition, Before Sunset, curated by Chunchun Tao and art directed by Zona Yuechen Guan. This uniquely structured exhibition invites all New York-based photographers—professionals, amateurs, and students alike—to participate in an in-person submission session, a rare opportunity in today's digital-first landscape. The exhibition, a unique blend of curated and crowd-sourced works, presents creations from artists including Guang Chen, Chengmin Gabriella Dan, Jia Chen, Jiaming Stephen Deng, Hanlin Mu, Haofeng Yu, Xiaoxuan Ding, Xuefei Hu, Yuxiang Steven Wang, Zona Yuechen Guan, and Zhangkai Wang.


The exhibition delves into the concept of transitions—day to night, light to dark, conscious to unconscious—drawing on the rich metaphor of the period before sunset. Often referred to as the “golden hour,” this liminal phase symbolizes a transformative space, touching upon broader existential themes of change, life, and mortality.


Art director Zona Yuechen Guan remarks, "We're incredibly excited to see how photographers interpret this theme and how they capture this magical, fleeting moment."


Curator Chunchun Tao adds, "This format offers a dynamic, engaging experience where photographers can share their unique visions in real time. By fostering an environment of creativity and exchange, we're creating opportunities for works to be shared, discussed, and appreciated by the community. The chance to meet and engage with artists in person as they submit their works offers an unparalleled opportunity for dialogue and understanding."

This immersive showcase delved deep into the concept of transitions - day to night, light
to dark, conscious to unconscious, captured in the evocative period of the golden hour.

Each photograph echoed broader existential themes of change, life, and mortality, casting new light on these universal experiences. The images depicted moments suspended between two states, symbolizing the transformative spaces we encounter throughout our lives.

The talent displayed by our participating photographers was nothing short of extraordinary. Each artist brought a unique interpretation to the 'Before Sunset' theme, resulting in a diverse collection of works that offered fresh and insightful perspectives on the transitional moments we often take for granted.

The exhibition was a vibrant dialogue of photographic artistry, offering viewers a rich sensory experience of visual storytelling. The photographs invited the audience into personal narratives of transformation, underlining the beauty and depth of the golden hour.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all the photographers for their profound contributions and to the audience for their enthusiastic reception. 'Before Sunset' was not just an exhibition but a celebration of artistic exploration and the magic that photography can weave.

Curator: Chunchun Tao

Art Director: Zona Yuechen Guan

Participate Photographers:

Guang Chen

Jia Chen

Chengmin Gabriella Dan

Jiaming Stephen Deng

Xiaoxuan Ding

Zona Yuechen Guan

Xuefei Hu

Hanlin Mu

Haofeng Yu

Yuxiang Steven Wang

Zhangkai Wang

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