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Beyond Time and Space


Opening Reception: 

December 18, 2021, 5-8 pm

Exhibition on View: 

December 18 - 31, 2021


Sojourner Gallery is pleased to announce our first NFT Art Exhibition , Beyond Time and Space by artists ── Fei, Heshan Huang, Q&Q Galaxy, Peer Kriesel, Ting DAO, Ting Song. 

The exhibition is on view from December 17 to 31, 2021.

If you would like to visit the exhibition after the opening reception, please contact us by

Art, defined by Martin Heidegger, is the truth of beings setting itself to work.
NFT, given birth by web 3.0, is the representative truth of a whole new era. Each era, along with the people within, enthusiastically searches for its own truth relentlessly. We fumble, we tumble, but we never stop moving forward.

In this line of exploration, blockchain has stood out as the ultimate answer to confusions of the most, and become the new style of life. Emerging in this new tide of revolution, new technologies are applied while traditional elements are attached. Now that distance and time can hardly bar our creation, new inspirations sprout, reshaping a “new past” and fantasizing a future now.

Each of artists coalesced their understandings into their own works: to construct the future, someone depicted what it would be like to live in a city without body shame; To explore the unknown, the two artists collaborated to grasp the face and sound of Satoshi as well as crypto currency, combining traditional legacy with the latest technology...

This exhibition will showcase major NFT creations by artists from multiple countries, and the Art Metaverse Experience Gallery, which runs parallel to the offline exhibition, is also open for viewing at the same time. With various objects and themes of creation, as well as different temporal and spatial displays, viewers will encounter both the physical sensory experience and the idea of blockchain creation, experiencing both randomness and inevitability.

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