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Nong Shaohua: City of Unknown


Opening Reception: October 27, 2021, 5-8 pm
October 27, 2021 - November 22, 2021

by appointment via


Sojourner Gallery is pleased to announce our Halloween special exhibition , City of Unknown featuring artist Nong Shaohuang. The exhibition is on view from October 27, 2021 to November 22, 2021. Here is an essay by artist Nong Shaohua for this exhibition. If you want to join us at the opening reception, please RSVP here. Spots are limited, first come first serve. 

Artist Statement:

Experience is not creation, it is accessible to all. Artworks are independent worlds, and the birth of each work is a creative miracle.

My works are coincidental, subconscious, meditative, and fervently passionate. Some of the recent ones are titled, "An Anonymous Place," "Portrait of an Anonymous Person," and "An Anonymous Afternoon," which are aimed to detach the works from specific places, people, and times, making them broader and more fluid, giving the audience more room for interpretation.

These works are not mere reflections of my life experience nor sketches of my visual experience—simple presentations and expressions like that would make the works straightforward and narrow.

I think there must be more information and ideas behind every good painting, through which the audience can feel the excitement of the painter, facing the canvas, full of the desire to speak and articulate.


---Nong Shaohua

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