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2020 Sojourn

International Artist Residency

SIAR Program

2020 Sojourn国际艺术家纽约驻留项目

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时光画廊(Time Gallery )2017年成立于纽约,作为国际间艺术品领域的参与者,其设立的画廊旨在包容呈现独特思维与创意的多功能艺术空间,致力于探索多元文化背景下艺术创作的影响力,携手具有世界公民意识的艺术家参与全球艺术的发展进程。

Established in 2017, as a participant of international artistic community, Time Arts is a multi-functional space built uniquely to accommodate creativity and imagination. Time Arts which bases in New York is dedicated to artistic creation, residencies, exhibitions, and community exchanges. Time Arts is committed to exploring the influence of artistic creation under the multicultural background and developing the progress if global art together with artists.

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About 2020 Sojourn

International Artist Residency


2020 Sojourn International Artist Residency starts the new open call.

Residency Artists

​Tianqi Li

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